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Eye Exams in Columbia, MO

Dr. Jalali’s vision assessment and eye health evaluation incorporates cutting-edge testing systems and in-depth clinical knowledge to keep you safe. It is his goal to provide you with a variety of vision options, not just one.

Dr. Jalali also employs alternative medical models and a holistic approach to promote the best eye health. Dr. Jalali has a thorough knowledge of the latest medications as well as good generic alternatives.

Comprehensive eye exams include:

  • State of the art Corneal Mapping included in each eye exam ($70-$100 value, no extra charge)
  • All exams test for cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and keratoconus
  • Dynamic vision chart, so you won’t ever memorize the eye chart
  • High-resolution digital color retina imaging when needed

Other services which may be included in the eye exam if needed include:

  • Dry eye and allergy management
  • Removal of metal and other foreign bodies in the office and on emergency basis
  • Assessment and proper treatment of eye infections and injuries
  • Color vision testing
  • Depth perception, reading, focus and eye muscle testing