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When the cornea (the surface of the eye) is healthy, standard soft contact lenses provide an easy and economical option. With numerous designs and hundreds of sample contact lenses available, astigmatism correction is made easy here at Advanced Vision. To improve reading without reading glasses, we have the most up-to-date multi-focal contact lenses in the marketplace with hundreds of diagnostic lenses available without the wait. If you experience blurry vision, but don’t like wearing eyeglasses, this vision correction option may be the solution for you. With Advanced Vision’s wide selection of lenses, you can be sure that you can avoid common issues like dry and itchy eyes.

Patients who have experienced injury, surgery or conditions such as keratoconus or irregular astigmatism require customized or personalized lenses. Dr. Jalali specializes in complex contact lens technologies. These include:

  • Hybrid contact lenses – lenses that combine rigid and soft lens material into one contact lens such as Synergeyes Duette and Synergeyes Ultra Health lenses.
  • Scleral rigid lenses – these lenses are firm and provide superior vision correction and maintain comfort nearly equal to soft lenses for the most irregular corneal curvature and irregular astigmatism corneas.
  • Customized soft lenses for irregular astigmatism – These lenses correct astigmatism behind standard toric contact lenses for patients whose high or irregular astigmatism is not within the parameters of standard lenses.

Our office offers a full range of options, including disposable soft contact lenses, continuous wear soft contact lenses, and Rigid Gas Permeable lenses. We offer thousands of diagnostic lenses right in our office, which means most patients can be fitted with lenses on their first visit, without the need for multiple follow-up exams

Dr. Jalali has the expertise and experience to deliver success with multiple options to individualize your experience.

Price Match

We price match our contacts to 1-800-Contacts. There is no reason to go to a fast food type model for your eye care to save money.

Let us give you the best quality of care and fabulous prices too.